1. TYRON delivered to South Korea!


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June 2016 in South Korea, ES Sejong – arrival of the first HAAS TYRON in Korea.

Along with our Korean distributor MINCHANG ENGINEERING & TRADING CO., LTD. the TYRON 2000 started operation at “ES Sejong”.


Besides their own waste incineration plant, “ES Sejong” operates one of the largest recycling plants for demolition debris, waste wood, industrial and household waste in South Korea.


The HAAS TYRON was chosen for its excellent features for especially problematic material, such as: textile fabric- and plastic coils, fisher nets and plastic films.

The enormous efficiency and manifold applications are persuading.


From left to right company HAAS GmbH: Carsten Schmidt (Workshop Manager / Service)
Company ES-Sejong: Han Sang Duk (Machine Operator), Mr. Jang Tae Seong, (General Manager), Joung Woo Min (Staff),
Company MINCHANG ENGINEERING & TRADING CO., LTD.: Mr. Byung Geon Kim (Assistant Manager & Sales), Mr. Chang Ho Yoon (Engineering Team & Assistant Manager), Jaemin Kim (Managing Director)

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